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Happy Haunts Materialize

...and it didn’t end there. Over the years, the ride has managed to gather its very own following of admirers, much like the original Haunted Mansion rides have in the United States. In fact, today Phantom Manor is being appreciated by a whole new generation of fans. Internet message boards are teeming with young Europeans who literally grew up with Phantom Manor, teens and pre-teens for whom it has always been around. Many have childhood memories of riding the attraction for the very first time and, who knows, may one day take their own kids on it... Maybe in a few generations, all the mysteries of the Manor will at last have been solved!

In any case, the lasting popularity of the ride is a testimony to the creative talents that made Phantom Manor possible. It’s a confirmation of all the right choices that were made over the years of its creation. It’s a tribute to the vision of Jeff Burke and the enthusiasm of those in his team as they transformed Phantom Manor from a black and white pencil sketch into one of Disneyland Paris’ best-loved attractions.

The Phantom by Fernando Tenedora.
© Disney.

Written and edited by David G. Ravenswood with thanks to Samuel N. Nutterville. Very special thanks to Jeff Burke, Greg Meader, Julie Svendsen, Craig Fleming, Katherine Meyering-Lench and Christian Hope.

All direct quotes and most information contained in the text come straight from David’s personal correspondence with the Imagineers in question. Further reference:

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