1 · Welcome to Phantom Manor
2 · Nuptial Doom
3 · The Underworld
4 · Boot Hill

The tragic protagonist of Phantom Manor is a young woman called Melanie Ravenswood (though usually referred to simply as “The Bride”) whose groom disappeared the night before their wedding. Each time we see her she’ll have aged a bit, until she is finally an old woman, still waiting for her husband-to-be to return.

Her singing voice is that of imagineer Katherine Meyering-Lench, her speaking voice in the last scene was provided by actress Oona Lind.


Nuptial Doom

Around a corner we see the young bride herself, holding a candelabra, beckoning us to proceed.

A little further on we see her again, appearing and disappearing in a seemingly endless hallway. In the nearby conservatory, a raven perched on a music-stand caws in accompaniment to the macabre tunes of an invisible pianist.

The doors in the hallway around us seem to come to life as handles clatter and wood appears to bulge. A tall grandfather clock strikes the 13th hour.

We enter a large circular chamber. At the center we see a crystal ball sitting on a floating table. Inside the sphere, the face of a lady can be seen chanting incantations.

“Goblins and ghoulies, creatures of fright…
We summon you now, to dance through the night!

“Esprits et fantômes sur vos fières destriers,
escortez dans la nuit la belle fiancée !”

(”Spirits and ghosts on your proud stallions,
accompany the beautiful bride through the night!”)

“Warlocks and witches, answer this call,
your presence is wanted at this ghostly ball!

“Des douze coups de minuit aux matines sonnantes,
nous valserons ensemble, macabre débutante !”

(”From the twelve knolls of midnight to the morning bells,
we shall waltz together, gruesome debutante!”

“Join now the spirits in nuptial doom:
A ravishing bride… a vanishing groom!”

The spirits seem to have assembled for the ghostly wedding reception as we now pass the Grand Hall, populated by ghosts and spectres of all kinds. A decaying wedding cake is set up on the table as the bride, no longer quite such a young woman, stands on a staircase and looks at the scene. In one window we can see the dark Phantom figure we spotted earlier. His evil laughter rings throughout the hall as spirits dance to the macabre organ music of a ghostly musician.

We next pass into the chambers of the Bride herself. A gramophone plays a melancholy tune as we see the Bride, now an old woman, in front of a mirror which takes the shape of a huge human skull.

Outside in the darkness of the garden, the Phantom stands next to a freshly-dug grave. He laughs as he gestures us to continue. A demon dog snarls at us as our vehicle tips backwards and we descend underneath the graveyard garden.

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