The people behind Phantom Manor

As theme park attractions, unlike movies, don't have a credit roll at the end of the show, we bring you this work-in-progress list of the many individuals who helped create Phantom Manor. Any contributions are more than welcome.

Show Producer:
Jeff Burke

Visual Development:
Julie Svendsen
Fernando Tenedora
Christian Hope
Dan Goozee
John Horny

Production Design:
Richard Brown

Show Writer:
Craig Fleming
based on the Haunted Mansion scripts by
Francis Xavier Atencio

French Language Adaption:
Thierry P. Benizeau

Additional Show Writing by:
John Patrick Burke
Christian Hope


The Bride (singing) ...
(speaking) ...

Katherine Lench
Oona Lind

The Phantom (speaking) ...
(laughter) ...

Gérard Chévalier
Vincent Price

Madame Leota ...

Oona Lind

Uncle Theodore ...

Thurl Ravenscroft

Rolo Runkin ...

Verne Row

Ned Nub ...

Jay Meyer

Phineas Puck ...

Bob Ebright

The Mayor ...

Paul Frees

Casting Director:
Gabrielle Reynolds

"Grim Grinning Ghosts" written by:
Francis Xavier Atencio
Buddy Baker

Original Music and Arrangements:
John Debney

Brad Dechter

Music performed by
The London Philharmonic Orchestra
under the direction of John Debney
recorded by Don Lewis

Audio Production:
Greg Meader

Sound Designer:
Joe Herrington

Temporary Soundtrack created by:
Christian Hope
Marco Monahan

Audio Engineering:
Steve Pryor

Audio Project Management:
Ken Lisi

Dialogue Direction:
Craig Fleming

Video Production:
Ken Horii

Video Engineering:
Marty Kindel

Audio and Video Production, France:
Don Lewis

Audio and Video Engineering, France:
Dennis Moytka

Special Effects and Show Lighting:
Michael Valentino

Figure Art Director:
Paul Torrigino

Prop Master:
Ken Gomes

Production Art by:
Julie Svendsen
Marc Davis
Dan Goozee
Maggie Parr

Models by:
Bob Baranick
Scott Goddard

Graphic Designers:
Christian Hope
Leticia Lelevier

Show Programmer:
Eric Swapp

Chief Architect:
Ahmed Jafari

Project Engineer:
Bill Quy

OmniMover ride system manufactured by:
Vekoma International

Show Set Construction:

Designed by:
Walt Disney Imagineering


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