Ravenswood Manor

Alas, curious souls, Ravenswood Manor is no more.

This website began its humble existence in September of 1998 as the very first fan site dedicated exclusively to one specific Disneyland Paris attraction. Over time, with the priceless aid of former Cast Members and Imagineers, it grew into a significant resource for detailed information about Phantom Manor.

As my own life progressed, however, it became increasingly delicate to keep publishing new content. Eventually this particular Ravenswood Manor, much like its fictional namesake, was abandoned to the elements. Information soon became outdated, minor mistakes were never corrected, new technologies were never integrated. Now, several years after the attraction itself underwent its disquieting metamorphosis, I have decided that this tribute project’s time has finally run out.

Yet, as the attraction’s grand reopening has demonstrated, Phantom Manor fandom remains alive and well, perhaps more spirited now than ever before. There is at last a hauntingly beautiful book dedicated to the ride. And rest assured that my own connection to the Manor does not end here…

Before I leave you, I would like to take a moment to thank everybody who has contributed over the years, including (but not limited to) Cast Members Ingrid, Jasper and Thomas, Imagineers Greg Meader, Julie Svendsen, Jeff Burke, Craig Fleming and Katherine Meyering-Lench, as well as actress Oona Lind. A very special salute goes to the late, great John Patrick Burke, forever in our thoughts.

With this, I close. Farewell. Bon voyage! I shall see you on the other side…

Yours frightfully,

David G. Ravenswood